GBV Case Study Report (Arabic)


GBV Case Study Report (Arabic)_Page_01GBV Case Study Report (Arabic)

November 25 was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and many countries, including Iraq, hold a 16-day commemoration, with events, articles, and advocacy. On this occasion, the Iraq Foundation is re-publishing a report we wrote on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), based on confidential interviews and data gathered from 1,583 women in five Iraqi governorates. Many of the women interviewed were internally displaced from the sectarian conflict that raged in Iraq from 2005-2008, compounding their predicament. The report has some horrifying statistics. For example, a full 8% of women said that they had been victims of incest. Over 30% were forced into marriages they did not want. 10% had suffered from severe physical assault by a family member. 4% had been raped. 13% were under the age of 15 when they married. 7% had been subject to genital mutilation. The situation has worsened dramatically since 2013, and yet the Iraqi parliament has been sitting on the draft of the Family Protection Law since 2012, and more recently some political parties want to change the Personal Status Law in ways that will harm women. Read our report:

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