HRAI Small Grants Awardees


To support our Human Rights Advocacy Initiative (HRAI), IF implemented a small grants program to support Iraqi NGOs and promote human rights. IF will fund a total of ten projects. Grant awards are valued at $3,000 USD each.


1st Round:

The Rased Center for Human Rights- Najaf 
Project’s goal: Educate criminal investigators, police officers, and detainees about the rights of the accused.

The Anwar Humane and Independent Organization- Basra
Project’s goal: Raise awareness about minorities and refugees’ rights and about the role of civil society in putting pressure on the government.

Woman Empowerment Center- Suleimaniya
Project’s goal: Raise awareness about children’s rights and help reduce family violence.

The Daou’ Organization for Human Development and Relief- Baghdad 
Project’s goal: Raise awareness about women and children’s rights.

2nd round:

The Mawtini organization for supporting youth- Diwaniya
Project’s goal: Raise awareness about rights and human rights violations, focusing on women, minorities and children, through radio programs.

The Ashtar center for journalistic training- Babil
Project’s goal: Build the capacity of journalists to report on human rights through holding 2 three-day workshops in Babil and Diwaniya.

The Yazidi fraternity and solidarity league -Mosul
Project’s goal: Encourage minorities’ students to go back to school through 5 awareness raising workshops.

3rd Round:

The Akad Organization- Baghdad
Project’s goal: Promote the right to practice one’s own religion

The Humane Organization for Human Rights- Kut
Project’s goal: Preventing violence in schools

The Himam Institution for Civil Society Building- Basra
Project’s goal: Promoting children’s rights

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