Humanitarian Work

Humanitarian Mission

The Iraq Foundation is dedicated to helping Iraqis in need!

Our humanitarian mission is two fold:

First, to raise awareness of the plight of Iraqis and engage the international community in actively addressing the circumstances.

Second, to raise funds for institutions and orgizations in Iraq and beyond that assist disadvantaged Iraqis.

The Iraq Foundation aims to help the following communities:


IF Holds Literacy Training in Mdaina, Iraq

As part of our humanitarian activities, IF staff, working in partnership with International Relief and Development (IRD), is providing literacy training to citizens in the southern town of Mdaina, located in the Basra governorate.  Launched in January 2009, the project started two classes in the Ezzeddine district and four classes in the center of Mdaina, which will benefit 150 Iraqis, providing illiterate men and women with basic reading and math skills. In keeping with our commitment to gender equality, this activity will reach out to an equal number of men and women.