ICP Documentaries Broadcast: March 2012


This month, IF successfully broadcasted the five winning documentaries in collaboration with Al-Sumaria, an Iraqi satellite TV station. These documentaries were created as part of IF’s Interfaith Cooperation Project (ICP).  Winning films included:The Tigris River’s Agate (Akik Dijla) by Baghdad Team 2, Where Religions Meet (Multka Al-Adyan) by the Babil Team, A civilization Narrated by Silent Walls (Hadara Tarweeha Judran Samita) by the Kirkuk Team, A pigeonlanded here (Hammonton Hatat Huna) by Baghdad Team 1, and Let’s Live Together (Lan’aeesh Ma’an) by the Diyala Team. AlSumaria edited and broadcast these documentaries as a pro-bono contribution to IF’s work!

Also this month, IF created a Facebook page to showcase ICP videos. IF asked all 15 teams to invite civic organizations, family and friends to visit the page, view the documentary films and comment on them.

IF also assisted youth in holding screenings for community members in Baghdad, Thi Qar and Al-Muthanna provinces in the month of March. A Q&A session followed each screening, during which ICP teams responded to questions and comments offered by community members about the screened documentaries, giving them the unique experience of sharing their work with community members.

For more information, please visit the ICP facebook group and the ICP Documentary Film page!

Selected Photos:

In Thi Qar, the filmmaking team held the third screening for their documentary, “The Moment of Unity,” on March 1, 2012.

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