IF Continues Humanitarian Appeal For IDPs


Generous donations have had a two-fold impact on internally displaced persons in Iraq, as it has allowed for the immediate distribution of aid by our partner NGO’s, as well as financing needs assessment for these partner organizations to address the humanitarian situation among IDPs.

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In Ninawa, IF and its partner, Corporation of Child Rights and Family Protection provided food baskets to 730 people in Maskalat-Alqoush, over 100km from Erbil. Diverse communities have benefited from our aid, including Christians, Muslims, Yazidis and Shabak, who have been deprived of aid due to their proximity to ISIS-controlled territories. The food baskets included staples such as rice, cooking oil, beans, tomato paste and other items, and went to those displaced from Tilkeef, Singar and Mosul. In addition, the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization utilized IF-raised funds to supply IDP communities in Bartalla with food, water and medicine for children.

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IF and its partner, Alrafidain NGO for Community Development and Reconstruction, distributed baskets of food and non-food items to 75 IDP families. These families had been displaced from Anbar, Salah Aldin, Beji and Samara to Yahyawi camp and temporary shelters in Lailan, Kirkuk. The items distributed included flour, blankets, pillows and mattresses.

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Donations also allowed IF and its Ninawa and Kirkuk-based organizations to conduct needs assessment to show the basic needs among displaced populations. In Maskalat-Alqoush, it found that IDPs are in desperate need of food items, core relief items, health services, clean water and sanitation. In a final assessment in Kirkuk, it was discovered that there are 180 families living in temporary shelters and 360 families living in the Yahyawi camp, all of whom are living under very difficult circumstances due to cold weather and rain.

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As this humanitarian crisis continues to unfold and winter has come to these northern areas of Iraq, IDP families will be in even greater need of shelter, medication for children and adults, blankets, food, heaters, and heating oil. For this reason, The Iraq Foundation is renewing its appeal on behalf of IDPs, and we hope that you will respond to this call to alleviate their suffering. Every dollar donated to this appeal will be 100 percent directed towards providing desperately needed humanitarian aid. Additionally, contributions to The Iraq Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, may be tax deductible. Please consult an accountant.

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Please make donations through the Iraq Foundation’s click and pledge account or using our main website and clicking “Donate” in the top right corner. Please indicate that your donation is for Iraqi IDPs under the “Comments on your donation” box. Please consider helping The Iraq Foundation in assisting the Iraqi people whose livelihoods have been disrupted and threatened by violence; we cannot do it without your support. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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