IF Awards 3rd Round of Small Grants: 2012


As part of the Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP), IF awarded four student groups small grants to impliment activities that promote Small grants awardees started implementing their projects in the provinces in four funding rounds.

While small grants awardees continued implementing their activities in the provinces, IF selected and awarded a 3rd batch of small grants to young Iraqis interested in leading grassroots civic initiatives in December and January. IF bestowed four grants to youth to conduct the following projects:


Project title: Rap Music Club 

Project goal: Promoting civic sense and involvement through the creation of a Rap Music Club for youth. Activities include a song competition (lyrics and music) between 20 young Iraqis.

Project title: Soccer Tournament for Amity and Friendship 

Project goal: Promote a sense of national belonging and fighting sectarianism through holding soccer tournaments. Activities include 10 tournaments between 6 teams composed of young Iraqis from different religious backgrounds.


Project title: Multi-Sectarian Guidance Programs  

Project goal: Promote conflict resolution in a peaceful way through holding various related events. Activities include seminars, open discussions and poetry gatherings.

Project title: Clean environment in the schools

Project goal: Promote interfaith cooperation between school children through raising awareness about a clean and green environment, planting trees and shrubs with the students, offering cleaning supplies to the schools, and hanging posters about clean and green environment in the schools

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