IF Creates National Network to Promote Good Governance and Fight Corruption


From November 2-5 2011, IF held a four-day National Meeting in the Erbil province for the 15 Integrity Monitoring Groups (IMGs) established as part of the Provincial Accountability and Governance Project (PAG). A total of 90 participants from across Iraq attended the National Meeting, including officials from the Commission of Integrity, IMG members, provincial officials, and IF staff.  The goal of the National Meeting was to provide participants with a networking opportunity and spur the creation of a formal national network to advocate for good governance and fight corruption at the national level based on a unified, national Agenda for Change.  Over the last two years, IMGs have created and implemented Agendas for Change at the provincial level.  Based on these groups’ individual experiences, participants have agreed on a draft version of a National Agenda for Change during the National Meeting.  In addition to this success, a national network has emerged from the meeting and is currently in the process of registering with the Iraqi Council of Ministers as a legal Iraqi NGO.

Participants also received extensive training on networking and the use and maintanance of the newly created PAG Website during this meeting.

Selected photos from the event:

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