IF Donates to Schools in Mdaina


Mr. Abdulraheem Mohammed Jawhar,  Chairman of Al-Mdaina District Council, visited the Iraq Foundation’s Mdaina Education Project (MEP), which provides literacy and computer training to the citizens of Mdaina District in Basra province.  Mr. Jawhar expressed thanks to the project’s implementers  AND distributed the Iraq Foundation’s grant for the Literacy Project in Al-Mdaina District.  The MEP project provides a grant of generators and drinking water coolers to the community’s school that participate in the project.  The schools’ principals and the Head of the District of Mdaina  expressed their sincere thanks to the Iraq Foundation.

View Press Release in Arabic (PDF)

Details of the Distribution:

Participating schools:

  • The Mada’en school
  • The Nusayree School
  • The Dhefaf School
  • The Alwane School


1 cooler to each one of the following schools: The Mada’en school and the Nusayree School

1 generator to each one of the following schools: TheDhefaf School andthe Alwane School


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