IF Holds 9th Civil Society Leaders Meeting: October 29, 2011


On November 26, PEDP civic leaders held their 10th meeting at IF-Baghdad office to discuss Freedom House’s revisions to the methodology for writing the 2nd Democratization in Iraq report as well as go over the work progress to-date. 17 out of the 23 participants attended the meeting. During the first part of the meeting, the rapporteurs relayed to the participants the outcomes of the phone conversation that they had with Freedom House’s expert who is mentoring them and providing feedback on the methodology of the second “Democratization in Iraq” report. It’s worth noting that while the methodology is not final yet, most of the methodology questions are agreed on were used as a basis for the first draft that the rapporteurs started working on and will be submitting to FH for review early December.

Prior to this meeting, IF has held 9 other meetings on the following dates:

Meeting 1: 6/ 12/ 2010. All CSL meeting.
Meeting 2: 6/ 17/ 2010. Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 3: 7/ 5/ 2010.  Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 4: 8/ 10/ 2010.  Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 5: 9/ 23/ 2010.  Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting.
Meeting 6: 10/ 25/ 2010: Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting.
Meeting 7: 2/3/ 2011: Strategies for Writing Shadow Report
Meeting 8: 9/29/2011:Follow-on Report Writing
Meeting 9: 10/29/2011:Methodology for 2nd Democratization in Iraq report

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