IF Holds 8th Civil Society Leaders Meeting: September 29, 2011


On September 29, IF held the eight civil society leaders meeting in Baghdad as part of the Post Election Democracy Project (PEDP).  The meeting focused on the planning and drafting of a follow-on monitoring report to the Democratic Conversion in Iraq published in June 2011.  16 civil society leaders, including 4 new civic leaders, attended the meeting in IF-Baghdad Office.  The follow-on report will cover the following four areas:  Freedom of expression situation, the political parties’ performance, the Council of Representatives performance, as well as an additional area of focus covering the freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration, which was not discussed in the group’s first report.  The follow-on report will cover the period of February 2010 to January 2011. In addition, IF recorded a series of three TV programs on the original report, which will broadcast in October 2011 on Al-Furat TV.

Prior to this meeting, IF has held 7 other meetings on the following dates:

Meeting 1: 6/ 12/ 2010. All CSL meeting.
Meeting 2: 6/ 17/ 2010. Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 3: 7/ 5/ 2010.  Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 4: 8/ 10/ 2010.  Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 5: 9/ 23/ 2010.  Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting.
Meeting 6: 10/ 25/ 2010: Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting.
Meeting 7: 2/3/ 2011: Strategies for Writing Shadow Report

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