IF Holds Final PAG Press Conference: April 26, 2012


On April 26, IF held a press conference for the release of the final PAG report. Over 200 persons were in attendance, including major media outlets.

The conference began at 10 AM with a brief introduction by Ms. Suhaila Al-Assadi, PAG Program Manager. Ms. Al-Assadi discussed the significant cooperation of government institutions with the Iraq Foundation as a key component of the 3-year program. She specifically offered thanks to those that contributed to the project particularly, participating organizations, members of the 15 IMGs in each province, and the Commission on Integrity, which provided assistance in developing a training curriculum and provided trainings to IMG members on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy and attending key program activities. She also congratulated Ms. Rend AlRahim, Ms. Selwa Gailani and all IF staff on the success of the project.

Following Ms. Al-Assadi’s introduction, Dr. Salah Abd Razzak, Baghdad governor, discussed the achievements of IF through the course of the project. He reported that corruption in Iraq has declined over the past three years.

Mr. Sijad Ma’touq, Head of the Department of NGOs, expressed the enthusiasm of his department to cooperate with the IMGs and IF on implementing this project. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to IF for establishing this project and the IMGs that carried out the project and worked to monitor corruption.

IF staff then presented awards to a number of officials representative of bodies, which proved instrumental in the implementation of the project. This included the Office of the Governor of Baghdad, the Baghdad Provincial Council, the Commission on Integrity, the Department of NGOs, among others. IF also presented letters of appreciation to the heads of participating organizations.

Members of a number of IMGs then spoke about the nature of their work as part of PAG, how they built up partnerships with the provincial councils, the Commission on Integrity, the media, and the community.

Each speaker thanked the Iraq Foundation and in particular, Ms. Rend AlRahim and the project staff, for the program which served to effect real change in the provinces through creating an atmosphere of transparency and bringing together citizens and local government. Participants also urged IF to continue using the approach of this program, namely bringing together civil society organizations and local government in order to effect real change in the provinces.

Selected Photos:


Ms. Suhaila Al-Assadi, PAG Program Manager, provided opening remarks

Ms. Al-Assadi presenting an award to the Governor of Baghdad.


Ms. Al-Assadi presenting an award to the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council


Presenting an award to a member of the Commission on Integrity


The Press Conference was attended by over 200 individuals


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