IF Holds Press Conference to Launch 1st Report: July 2011


On Wednesday July 20 2011, IF held a press conference in Al-Sayd Club in Baghdad to announce the issuing of the first report assessing the Iraqi government’s transparency and accountability as well as its ability to safeguard the full spectrum of civil and political liberties. The 1st report is named (The Democratic Transition in Iraq Report 2009-2010). The press conference discussed all the 3 chapters of the report: the Media, the CoR, and the political parties for the reported period.

The press conference was attended by number of MPs including: MP, Dr. Saleem Al-Jubouri (Head of the Human Rights Committee in the CoR), MP, Dr. Nada Al-Jubouri, former MP, Dr. Amira Al-Baldawi as well as Dr. Hashim Hassan, Dean of the Media Faculty, and Ms. Rend Al-Rahim, Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation.

The press conference was widely covered by the media and journalists, and 6 TV-Satellite Channels: Al-Furat TV, Al-Rasheed-TV, Al-Sumariya, Al-Ahed, Al-Masar Al-Awal TV, and Al-Masar TV. The guests expressed their thanks to IF for this report and expressed some views on it. MPs who attended the press conference indicated their will to ask their colleagues in the CoR to consider the report for discussion and to specify a session or multiple sessions to listen and discuss its contents.

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