IF Holds WEL Bill Drafting Meeting, Meets with ICOR: November 2012


On November 17, 2012, the Iraq Foundation (IF) conducted an initial meeting for the bill drafting process. IF invited legal experts, judges and professors to review the WEL taskforce recommendations on laws that discriminate against women and assist in the interpretation process of these recommendations into effective bills. Attendees included:

  •  Ali Rufaie, Former Dean, Law College – Baghdad University
  •  Ali Fauzi, Professor, Law College – Baghdad University
  •  Judge Hadi Aziz, Retired Judge
  •  Ahmed Al Mainy, Advisor, Shura Council
  •  Firas Zuhair, Advisor, ICOR
  •  Ali Omar, Advisor, ICOR
  •  Sabah Al Kerboli, Political Advisor, ICOR

Attendees discussed the nine articles selected by the WEL taskforce and its social and cultural heritage. The attendees also discussed potential experts, who will be able to carry out the professional bill drafting task.

On November 21, 2012, IF was invited by Mr. Sabah Al Kerboli, Political Advisor, Office of the Presidency, ICOR, for a follow up meeting in the ICOR to discuss further the laws selected by the WEL taskforce.  Mr. Al Kerboli showed a potential interest in the State shelters draft law. The next step will be conducting a meeting for the stakeholders (State Ministry for Women, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Finance and Women, Family and Childhood committee in the ICOR). This meeting will also include some of the shelter residents to discuss their needs and means to reflect them in the drafted bill. IF will following the same strategy on the other selected laws as well.

IF identified four legal experts to be in the Bill drafting committee:

  •  Judge Rahim Al Ugaily, Higher Judicial Council, Former Head, Commission of Integrity (COI)
  •  Ahlam Al Lamy, Board Member, Iraqi Bar Association
  •  Hisham Al Ftyan, Lawyer, Iraqi Bar Association
  •  Hamid Al Sakban, Lawyer, Iraqi Bar Association

Selected Photos:

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