IF Holds WEL Meetings: July 2012


IF has a number of new developments to share regarding the WEL project.

On July 12, Ms. Rend Al-Rahim, IF’s Executive Director, met with WEL staff in Baghdad to discuss the upcoming Lessons Learned Meeting in September. Six Iraqi experts provided research documents on laws that were determined by the WEL taskforce as requiring legal action. Five regional experts were identified from countries which had previous initiatives in promoting women rights.

On July 14, Ms. Al-Rahim, met with WEL Legal advisor, Judge Salim Rawdhan, and Iraqi experts to discuss the status of the regional experience report to be submitted by Judge Salim.

Also this month, IF continued working on obtaining the audio of the Bill Drafting Meeting as part of the technical guide IF is producing. IF is also working on identifying a video production company to produce the other portion of the technical guide from the lessons learned meeting.

Stay tuned for updates to the WEL website, www.welonline.org!

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