IF launched the WIES project in October, 2012


IF launched the WIES project in October, 2012. During this month, IF identified and signed agreements with 4 NGO partners in Baghdad, Maysan, Diyala and Ninawa. IF and partner NGOs started the selection of economic development experts in each province. The economic expert will assess the various economic sectors in each province and skills/job requirements in these sectors for both semi-literate and literate women. This mapping will assist IF and its partner NGOs to identify  potential employers, job descriptions, and skills that respond best to the recurrent needs of the local market.

IF’s staff in Basra and the partner NGOs started to contact training centers to deliver the project’s training component. Also, contacts with microloan providers have already started. We are currently looking at training centers and have identified FHH to participate in the program.

Last Update: Monday, December 31, 2012 

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