IF WEL Project Manager Wins Award! March 2012


IF is pleased to announce that during the month of march, Ms. Suhaila Al-Asady, IF’s Baghdad-based Program Manager, was awarded the distinguished woman medal from the Iraqi bar association medal for her professionalism and enthusiasm as a dedicated lawyer. A photo of her award is available below.

During the month of March, IF worked on preparing for upcoming bill drafting workshop in early April. The workshop will train participants on drafting legislation to respond to the specific needs of Iraqi society and within the Iraqi constitutional framework. The workshop will also train participants on advocacy strategies to win support for their reforms in Parliament.

Throughout the month, WEL staff conducted preparatory meetings with the Her Excellency Ibthal Kasid Al Zaidy, the Minister of Women, and  Judge Salim Rawdan, Member, Higher Judicial Council. Meetings were chaired by IF’s Executive Director, Ms. Rend AlRahim. Other preparations for bill drafting workshops were carried out in coordination with Judge Rawdan and included activities such as: identifying trainers and participants, preparing a draft agenda according to the suggestions of trainers, gathering instructional material from the trainers, and sending invitations, the agenda and any other related materials for the workshop to the participants.

IF continue to perform follow up on the roundtable meetings and Judge Radwan will coordinate with the legal experts, who will provide their research in their area of expertise.

Selected Photos:

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