Iraq Foundation Condemns ISIS


The Iraq Foundation condemns, in the strongest terms, the barbaric war crimes conducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) against Iraqi men, women, and children, particularly those who are members of religious and ethnic minority groups. These activities have included mass killings of Turkomen and forced conversions amongst members of the Yazidi and Shabak communities. IF condemns this and other forms of religious persecution, targeting of minorities and extremist violence. IF also wishes to draw attention to the plight of those who have remained, whether by choice or by force, in their ancestral homes, particularly in the Ninawa province, only to face increasingly stringent demands at the hands of ISIS leaders. Reports are distressingly common of ISIS involvement not only in the forced conversion of minorities to its own version of Islam, but also of beheadings, confiscation of property, and female genital mutilation (FGM), amongst other injustices wrought onto the innocent communities native to these towns.

We are gravely concerned by the violence, including sexual violence against women and girls belonging to the Yazidi and Christian religious minorities in Iraq who are being raped and sold into slavery with the aim of giving birth to  Muslim children and thus “ethnically cleanse” these groups. Furthermore, if released, these victims face the threat of honor killings by their relatives. The Iraq Foundation condemns the deaths of hundreds of Yazidis, mostly children, on Mount Sinjar and cases of child kidnapping. We cannot overemphasize the need for intervention, without which ISIS will continue to spread and perpetuate these abuses.

The Iraq Foundation seeks to work with the Iraqi government, the Kurdish regional government (KRG) and the international community to address this tragedy. We at the Iraq Foundation are particularly concerned about the provision of psychosocial and physical services to women victims and the strengthening of appropriate resources, such as safe houses, where women can be provided with such rehabilitation services. The Iraq Foundation is currently working on the ground with local NGOs to provide much-needed humanitarian aid, including food, potable water, and medical supplies for internally displaced persons (IDPs), particularly children. Please consider donating to allow us to continue this work:

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