IWP Success Story: December 2010


IF is pleased to report that Bushra Hussein Saleh, one of its IWP members was offered a state ministry on December 22nd 2010! Ms. Saleh declared that she owes her success to her party (Fadila party) and to the capacity building she received from the Iraq Foundation.

Ms. Saleh expressed her desire to remain in the program and continue participating in the PEDP project as an active member of the IWPs program. Also during December, IWPs actively participated in a petition aimed at increasing the participation of Iraqi women in the political process. 106 signatures were collected to demand that women be given the posts of vice-president and deputy prime minister as well as 25% of the ministries. The petition also requested that Iraqi women be given the merit they deserve on the basis of partnership and women’s proportion in the Iraqi society.

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