January 2013: Lawyers Training


January 2013: Lawyers Training

In January, IF started training lawyers as part of its Peaceful Empowerment, Advocacy and Cooperation to End Violence (PEACE) project. The training was conducted by Ta’meem Alazawi, who has significant experience in the field of family law.

Mrs. Alawazi trained 25 women lawyers in Basra, Baghdad, Diyala, Erbil and Babil. These lawyers will, in turn, be providing professional and specialized legal assistance and counceling to women victims of gender based violence (GBV), at the offices of IF’s partner NGOs. Legal assistance for victims of GBV also started in January, and will last for the next 14 months.

Training in Baghdad, January 11-12 2013
NGO: Women for Progress

Training in Erbil, January 15-16 2013
NGO: Women Empowerment

Training in Babil, January 22-23 2013
NGO: Bint Alrafidain


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