Iraqi Government Agrees to Launch Action Plan to implement UNSCR 1325!


January – March 2014: The national coalition continued their efforts to publish and disseminate the National Charter through local print and social media to raise awareness among local and national government decision-makers about the recommendations of the National Charter.

The Task Force members worked closely with government officials and other international workers to implement the first recommendation of the national Charter which encourages the government to make a workplan to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325. These efforts  have paid off! The government declared on February 6, 2014 that they will launch the National Action Plan on UNSCR (2014-2018). Iraq became the first country in the Middle East and North Africa Region to launch such a program.

The Task Force held 3 hearing sessions in Erbil, Babil and Basra for women impacted by violence. The National Coalition and Task Force also worked closely with the partner NGOs, and with local and national governments to support and inform any current or future peace-building initiatives to be inclusive of women.

The Task force member are continuing their efforts to implement the other 9 recommendations of the National Charter which aim to empower and ending violence against women in Iraq.

The task force members continued interacting with religious leaders and emphasizing on their role in ending the violence against women in Iraq. This fruitful effort resulted dedicating part of religious clergy’s speeches to talk about violence against women and means to end it.

Baghdad Task Force Members attending the National conference for launching work  plan to implement 1325 UN resolution

IF staff and Baghdad Task Force meeting At Al-Sadir city council to assess the progress in implementing the 10 recommendations/terms of the national charter 


Basra Task force Members holding hearing session

Babil Task Force efforts working with local government to  get the support for the National Charter

Clergies in Babil dedicating part of their speeches to talk about violence against women and means to end it as a result for Babil Task Force efforts to implement the 3rd recommendation of the National Charter

Introducing the national charter and the efforts the task force is making in Dayla towards ending violence against women                    


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