June-July Monthly Bulletin


Dear Friends,

IF would like to recognize the efforts of Ms. Suaad Allami, a human rights lawyer and a longtime partner of IF. She was recently honored at the 13th Annual Vital Voices Global Leadership Award, attended by Hillary Clinton and held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. IF leveraged her legal expertise to provide support for PEACE and WEL (Women for Equitable Legislation). See below a photo of Suaad.


photo courtesy of Inclusive Security

In light of the recent violence in Iraq, IF has begun a fundraiser in support of internally displaced persons (IDPs). To date, IF has raised $7,250, and we hope you will generously support this effort. Hammourabi Human Rights Organization (HHRO) in Ninawa has received IF-raised funds and  provided food, water and children’s health supplies to IDP communities in Bartalla (Ninawa province) in acute need of water, shelter, and health provisions. If you would like to support IDPs, please donate here. All funds directly benefit IDPs.

Update: Due to the ongoing violence in Iraq, some of our June and July activities have been suspended to ensure the safety and security of our staff, project partners and participants. We are monitoring the situation closely.

Widows Initiative for Economic Sustainability (WIES) 

WIES is funded by the US Department of State Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues. WIES aims to economically empowering over 560 female heads of household (FHHs) in Iraq by building skills, promoting entrepreneurship, and connecting them with employment opportunities.


During the months of June and July, 21 FHHs received marketing financial assistance, which will be used to implement a personalized marketing strategy. 3 FHHs received no-interest loans in Maysan. 2 FHHs completed their apprenticeships in Baghdad, one in a hairdressing shop and the other in a women clothes store.

Technological Advance to Bolster Freedom of Expression in Iraq (TABEIR)

TABEIR, meaning “expression” in Arabic, is funded by the Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA). TABEIR works to  provide greater strength and stimulus to efforts in Iraq to change the dynamics surrounding freedom of expression (FOE) and to protect and expand FOE in all forms. TABEIR targets journalists, citizen journalists, activists and NGOs in Iraq.


IF partner NGOs are happy to announce the successful implementation of 9 training courses during the months of June and July in the provinces of Baghdad, Kut, Missan, Babil, Erbil and Basrah. The NGOs utilized training centers in their regions and offered training courses to NGOs alongside local and citizen journalists. In total, 244 citizen journalists and NGO members (183 in June and 61 in July) have benefited.

Hewar Initiative to Enhance Judicial Outreach and Transparency 

Hewar, meaning “dialogue” in Arabic, aims to establish a more transparent and responsive criminal justice system through engaging both the media and citizens to foster greater public awareness of legal rights and the role of courts and trust in judicial processes. Hewar is funded by the US Department of State: Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

On June 14, IF and the HJC conducted the First Follow-up Stakeholders Meeting at the Judicial Development Institute in Baghdad. Participants included HJC media experts, media representatives, lawyers, a representative from the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights, and partner NGO representatives. Ninawa-based partners were unable to attend due to security concerns. In all, 23 people attended in addition to 2 IF staff. The meeting aimed to follow up and evaluate participants’ progress towards achieving overall goals and discuss steps forward.

Peaceful Empowerment, Advocacy and Cooperation to End violence (PEACE) 

PEACE is funded by the US Department of State Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues. PEACE seeks to promote peace and end violence through supporting a women-led advocacy and action coalition.

Between June and July, the PEACE team continued to raise awareness of the National Charter in their provinces through pamphlet distribution. 2 hearing sessions were held in Basra and Erbil. Representatives from local governments, religious clerics, tribal leaders and women victims of violence attended these sessions. Victimized women had the chance to tell their stories to audiences. Legal clinics and counseling lawyers continued providing legal assistance after the end of IF funds concluded, enabling 37 women to receive legal assistance in Babil, Basra and Baghdad.


Thank you,

Tara Dewan-Czarnecki

Development and Communication Coordinator

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