Letter from 2010 Iraqi Youth Camp Participant


Dear/ program manager and lecturers

I send this letter as a student who participated in the second group of training. I was honored that I had the chance to join the training. By joining this training, it made me to have more affection toward other Iraqi cities. As a stateless Kurd, the wounded Iraq is my destiny, a country where greets you every morning with the news of death of many people, during the day noticing a lot of homeless and orphan children on the streets and public places, and at night seeing the tears of a lot of mothers and widows. All of these are due to sectarian, ethnic and religion conflicts.

The question is, I don’t know why all of these terrible things are happening, why we hate each other. We all have forgotten that it is in human being’s nature that Human beings can live together with love. The former regime of Saddam Hussein has taught Iraqis for 30 years how to hate each other and killing each other. We as young student, we should teach our society how to live together with love.

Before, as a citizen of Iraqi federal region “Kurdistan Region” the situations of other parts of Iraq always saddened me, I was very miserable to see everyday a lot of Iraqi people are getting killed. But now I am more depressing since now I have dear friends in Mosul, Kirkuk, Babel, Baghdad, Najaf, Ammar and in all other Iraqi provinces.

I would like to express my point of views and gratitude to all the persons who worked hard during the five days training.

First, the project manager, Mr. Fuad Flayyeh, he is a smooth person in the term of dealing with us, and a very good decision maker.

Second, Dr. Ahmed Hallaq, a lecturer at the training, who I admired him a lot; Dr. Hallaq was a very kind and confident man. I as a student of college of law, I wish he would become my teacher in my university.

The third lecturer is Mr. Abdulsalam Madani, who I know him before. I don’t want to talk about him, but I would like to mention one of his secrets.

” Madani would like to show young people that they have enormous capability. He tells youths that if they use their energy, they can be the change in the world which they want.”

The fourth lecturer was Dr. Layla al-Ahzami, she was like a mother to us. She taught us how we should be responsible toward our country, and be responsible for anything we say in the daily life.

Another lecturer was Mr. Joe, who we met him the last days. He was a very social man and smart.

Mr. Hazim was like a hidden soldier during the training. We could not do anything without his help.

At the end I would like to thank my friends Rebaz and Rawa. They worked as interpreters in the training, they were always smiling and helpful, and they were beloved by everyone.

I miss you all and wish to see you all


Iraqi Youth Camp Participant

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