Literacy and IT Training begins in Mdaina: April 2009

As part of IF’s Mdaina Education Project (MEP), launched in February, we are pleased to announce the start of the literacy and information technology (IT) training programs in the Southern marshlands of Mdaina! The trainings will continue until August 2009. The literacy training is geared towards 250 illiterate and semiliterate adults, and is taking place in four local schools and run twice a week for two hours and 15 minutes a session. The Iraq Foundation would like to thank the Department of Education in Al-Qorna for offering valuable literacy curricula for the literacy component of this project.

In April, IF also began the IT computer training program, which will provide six local IT experts with advanced skills training. In addition to enhancing these individual’s employment skills, this training will ensure that Mdaina has competent IT personal to handle the administration of the computer center established by the MEP project and train an additional 50 teachers and 50 small business owners in basic computer operations, which will benefit their work and livelihood.

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