March 2013 Activities


In March, economic development experts and partner NGOs reached out to several local and international organizations, and private and public sector institutions in five provinces to discuss the needs they can provide to WIES beneficiaries. In Baghdad, IF staff reached out to Bashaer Alkhayr organization, Relief International, Ashoor Bank and the Ministry of Labor and Social affairs (MOLSA). Ashoor bank provided a support letter to help WIES beneficiaries apply for loans and start their projects. IF also contacted small business development centers to coordinate with them about providing training to WIES beneficiaries on job skills.

IF’s Partner NGO in Nineveh reached out to several banks, and to the MOLSA training center in Nineveh. IF’s partner NGO in Diyala reached out to the municipality council, IOM representatives, and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Partner NGO Women for Supporting Women in Baghdad met with Mrs. Naamat Aljanabi, a business woman, who is planning to start a new project on job placement, which can be useful to find jobs for WIES beneficiaries.

Furthermore, IF’s economic experts completed the mapping they had started in January, and their market study on the local economy’s needs in Basrah, Maysan, Diyala and Ninevah. They also held several meetings with WIES beneficiaries in Kerkh and Rusafa.

WIES project coordinator, and partner NGO (WSW) with Ashoor Bank staff in Baghdad

WIES project coordinator with Bashaer Alkhayr organization

Partner NGO and IF staff meeting with WIES beneficiaries in Baghdad – Rusafa district

Partner NGO and IF staff meeting with WIES beneficiaries in Baghdad – Kerkh district

Partner NGO in Baghdad (WSW) meeting business woman Mrs. Naamat Aljanabi

WIES project coordinator and partner NGO (WSW) with business woman Mrs. Majida Hijazi

WIES project coordinator and partner NGO (WSW) meeting with Mercy Hands organization

WIES beneficiaries in AlKerkh district with Dr. Emad Al Ani, WIES project coordinator, and partner NGO

Partner NGO in Diyala meeting at the Danish Refugee Council

Last Update: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 

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