PAG Update: March – April 2012


In the months of March and April, IF continued to engage youth and the local community in combating corruption. Specifically, local partners facilitated 3 additional youth activities according to the second no-cost extension granted to IF for this project. Additional activities occured in Baghdad, Thi Qar and Ninawa provinces. In Ninawa, youth released a hot air balloon displaying the slogan of the project, “No to Corruption… Yes to Transparency,” and also marched with signs denouncing corruption in a large community exhibit! In Thi Qar, youth met with local media to arrange for anti-corruption PSAs to be broadcast!

Staff continued to support efforts to bolster transparency locally. IF continued to coordinate a number of town hall meetings, which offer an opportunity for government officials and citizens to interface directly and discuss issues facing the community. In Ninawa province, the local IMG held an additional town hall meeting to continue the communication facilitated throughout the PAG project between officials and their communities. The Ninawa IMG also worked with local partners to publish the first and second issues of a brand-new newspaper, entitled “Transparency.”

Selected Photos from Activities:

Local partners in Ninawa province facilitated the publication of a new newspaper, “Transparency,” that focuses on anti-corruption issues.

Youth in Baghdad continued to raise awareness on corruption issues in their community by holding a soccer game. Players wore jerseys displaying the slogan of the project, “No to Corruption… Yes to Transparency.” The sign below details the facilitators of the event including the Iraq Foundation, our local partner organization in Baghdad which is also a member of the National Network to Combat Corruption.

In Ninawa, youth march holding anti-corruption signs at exhibition in which they released a hot air balloon with the project slogan proudly displayed.

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