PAG Youth Initiatives: January – April 2012


IF worked with local anti-corruption citizens’ groups, Integrity Monitoring Groups (IMGs), to coordinate over 30 extremely successful youth-led activities in 15 provinces. Detailed information on selected students’ projects by province is described below:

Al-Muthanna: On January 30, students performed a play, which was attended by over 120 students in addition to a number of university professors. The play discussed incidences of corruption that commonly occur in Iraq and the consequences facing society as a result of such corruption.

On January 30, students presented 45 caricatures at an exhibit, attended by over 100 students.

Anbar: On February 23, 2012, students opened a playground at a local girls’ school.

On January 30, 2012, students held an art exhibit displaying 65 pieces. This event was well covered by members of the media.

Baghdad: On January 30, 2012, IF assisted students in presenting a puppet show at Imam Sadiq University entitled, “No to Corruption… Yes to Transparency.”

On January 31, 2012, IF cooperated with local youth to organize a soccer game after which medals and gold trophies were distributed to the winning team.  The losing team received silver trophies.

On April 9, 2012, as part of IF’s second no-cost extension activities, IF coordinated a youth soccer game at a local playground. Youth wore T-shirts displaying the phrase, “No to Corruption… Yes to Transparency.”

Babil: On January 25-27, IF supported local youth in holding a 2-day forum for youth titled, “Forum for Combating Administrative and Financial Corruption” at the University of Babil. 120 individuals, including students, professors and other members of the community, attended the forum. During this period, university youth also distributed 1500 copies of critical anti-corruption information around campus.

On January 29-30, 2012, youth worked with the Department of Physical Education at the University of Babil to organize two races to combat corruption.

Basra: On February 4, youth held a poetry festival to raise awareness of corruption issues.

On February 9-10, a group of students held a two-day mobile exhibition. On the first day, students visited the University of Basra and to the offices of a number of government officials including, the Minister of Human Rights, the Head of the County and members of the Provincial Council and a number of professors and students. On the second day, students spoke with a number of citizens and visited the offices of a number of local government officials to distribute pamphlets and posters on the CoC as well as the telephone numbers of the Commission on Integrity’s hotlines. Youth also conducted interviews throughout the exhibition.

Diwaniya: Throughout the month of February, the Diwaniya IMG worked with local youth to hold a radio program and launch PSAs on the radio to raise awareness of corruption.

On February 27, 2012, the local IMG held a special form for youth to familiarize them with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NAS) and the role of CSOs, the local IMG and the Iraq Foundation in this strategy. Youth were also briefed on the many manifestations of corruption and ways to combat it.

Diyala: From January 15-31, 2012, two groups of students worked to raise awareness of corruption issues in the community: One group traveled to local elementary, middle and high schools in the area to educate young students on corruption and another worked in rural and urban areas to raise awareness among all community members.

صور 9

Karbala: Students held a play entitled, “When the Papers are Mixed” on January 25-27. Approximately 56 people attended performances.

From January 25 – 31, 2012, students held an art exhibit featuring 110 pictures, 4 large posters and 50 booklets. The exhibit was titled, “No to Corruption… Yes to Integrity.”


Kirkuk: On January 17, 2012, IF assisted students in organizing a free verse poetry festival to combat corruption at a local elementary school.

On January 19, 2012, IF assisted students to organize a cartoon exhibition. The exhibition was attended by students and members of the community of both genders. 16 pieces were on display.

مهرجان الشعر

Maysan: On January 15, 2012, students organized an exhibit featuring 65 illustrations and photographs highlighting the effects of corruption on society. Attendees enjoyed the artwork and recommended that students hold these exhibitions in local schools in order to expand the awareness raising efforts. Students also held a short symposium to introduce the achievements of the project.

On February 25, 2012, students held a skit to raise awareness.

Najaf: On January 17 and 19, the local IMG facilitated two youth workshops that included artistic exhibitions: a skit and an exhibition of cartoons on corruption.

Ninewa: From January 31 to February 6, 2012, local youth painted anti-corruption murals in 32 schools. In the mural pictured below, a tortoise is fatigued by the burdens of society (unemployment, basic services, vulnerable populations) while a rabbit runs ahead, unhampered as he carries only “corruption.”

On February 27, 2012, students held an art exhibit depicting the effects of corruption on society. A number of government officials and representatives of local CSOs were in attendance.

In April, 2012 as part of PAG’s no-cost extension, a group of students released a large hot-air balloon with the slogan, “Yes to Transparency, No to Corruption” displayed. Students also marched with signs denouncing corruption.

Salah Al-Deen:In February, 2012, youth held an art exhibit to combat corruption and facilitated a discussion forum between youth and local government on corruption.

Thi Qar: On January 26, students completed shooting an anti-corruption film and delivered a copy to the head of the local IMG. From January 20-27, 2012, students discussed with their local IMG the idea of establishing an electronic bulletin on corruption issues to support the project.

From January 20-27, 2012, students discussed with their local IMG the idea of establishing an electronic bulletin on corruption issues to support the project.On February 24, an electronic publication created by youth was completed.

On April 10, as part of IF’s second no-cost extension activities, a group of youth and the head of the Thi Qar IMG met with a local television network to discuss broadcasting PSAs to combat corruption. The PSA will be aired eight times during the period from 4/15-4/22 and will depict the destruction of recently constructed sidewalks.

Wasit: On January 24, 2012, local youth worked with the Wasit IMG to hold a five-kilometer marathon to bolster community support for anti-corruption efforts sponsored by IF. More than 50 young men and women ran in the marathon. Runners wore special shirts with the message: “No to corruption, yes to transparency.” The event was unexpectedly successful and resulted in the formation of a youth group that calls themselves, “Friends of the IMG” and has expressed eagerness to work with the local IMG on future projects. As a result of their efforts, students were awarded honorary medals by the Head of the county.

On April 2-5, the Wasit IMG worked with local youth to create a mural depicting the negative consequences of corruption on society.

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