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Improving Policy, Service Delivery, Gender Equality, and Responsiveness to Iraqi Citizens Project Awarded: October 2018

The Iraq Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a new project with a grant from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and in cooperation with Global Partners Governance (GPG). The three-year project, titled ‘Improving Policy, Service Delivery, Gender Equality and Responsiveness to Iraqi Citizens’, seeks to improve the quality and timeliness of policy and legislation emerging from the Iraqi parliament and government, as well as the quality of service delivery in key areas, and create more robust linkages between civil society and provincial governments. In addition, we will work to enhance the responsiveness of the Council of Representatives on a local level, and grow gender equality within Iraqi political processes. The project will utilize mentoring, on-the-job support, and peer-to-peer learning with an initial focus on two provinces, Baghdad and Basra. We thank Sida for providing this opportunity and look forward to working with GPG.


WAVE Project Awarded: June 2018

The Iraq Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its new project, Women Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE). It will be a 12-month, ground-breaking project implemented in Ninawa, Anbar, and Salaheddin governorates with the goal of equipping women to build family and community resilience against violence and extremism and contribute to social peace in their communities. It will seek to build the capacities of women leaders to identify markers and indicators of radicalization and violence, teach skills to counter violent extremism within communities, and raise awareness and advocacy for women’s role as the first line of defense against extremism. The project is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

WAVE Project Update: August 7, 2018

We are happy to welcome Ms. Sanaa Al-Taei, who joins the Iraq Foundation team in Baghdad. Ms. Al-Taei has partnered with the Iraq Foundation on several projects in the past, and has long experience in project management. She will serve as Assistant Project Officer for the WAVE project. We wish her great success in her new position.

أسمحوا لي ان أرحب بالزميلة سناء الطائي والتي انضمت لعائلة المعهد العراقي وسوف تباشر عملها كمساعد لمشروع ( نساء من اجل السلام نساء ضد العنف والتطرف) ، الزميلة سناء غنية عن التعريف ولديكم سابق معرفة بها ومؤكد ستكون اضافة مميزة لعمل المعهد العراقي