Mdaina Education Project (MEP)

Project Duration: February 2009 – September 18, 2009
Funding Agency: UNDP, United Nations Development Programme

Project Overview:

This project was implemented in the Southern Marshlands Qatha of Mdaina, located in the Basra governorate, and provided literacy training to illiterate and semiliterate adults and targeted computer training to small business owners and teachers as well as select technology personnel. In addition, a computer center was established, which hosted the literacy and computer training programs as well as continues to serve the larger community of Mdaina as a computer lab.

As a result of this project, 250 adults benefited from increased literacy and 50 teachers, 50 small business owners as well as six IT experts gained valuable skills and an increased technological capacity that enhanced their employment skills and income generation opportunities. This training program enhanced the income generating opportunities of the participants by providing computer training, which is a valuable, employable skill. This training also improved the living conditions in Mdaina by establishing a sustainable computer education program within the Municipal Council and three secondary schools. In total the computer center provide the citizens of Mdaina with access to 25 computers, which the students and community benefit from in the months and years to come. Students and teachers also benefit from an additional five new computers, which IF provided the schools that participate in the teacher training program.


The goal of the project is twofold: create an adult literacy training program for the community of Mdaina and enhance the professional skills and income generating opportunities for teachers and small business owners of Mdaina.

The objectives of the project were:

1. Enhance employment skills and income generating opportunities by improving literacy skills to illiterate and semiliterate adults in Mdaina.

2. Build professional capacity and enhanced skills through technology training for teachers, small business owners, and a small group of information technology professionals in the rural district of Mdaina.

3. Increase access to reliable technology in Mdaina by creating a computer center and distributing a new computer to selected schools.