Parliamentary Internship Project

Awarded: September 2013

Completion: March 2014

The Iraq Foundation implemented a six month UN – Women project beginning in September of 2013 and ending in March of 2014. IF designed and implemented an internship program for 12 young women leaders from Baghdad and the provinces, who will provide support for 12 women members of parliament engaged in women’s issues. The 12 interns were provided with initial orientation and follow up needs-based training. The interns provided support for the women MPs and contributed research, meeting briefings and legislative review, especially on issues related to women’s rights. During the internship, the interns carried out research and provided papers on women-related topics agreed by their MP. The research papers will aim to assist in shaping policies and legislation relevant to women. The Project included semi-monthly meetings with interns and MPs carried out by IF and Iraqi Organization for Women and Future, and 5 roundtable meetings with stakeholders to introduce research topics and discuss progress of research.

Last Update: Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

Technical Skills Training – December 2013

Visit to Council of Representatives and meeting with members of Parliament