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May 2008 - May 2010


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Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive Project (EIWT)

Success Story - Basra Training Centers
November 2011

With IF's assistance, seven widows from Shat Al Arab, Basra were awarded grants to start their own small businesses during November by an international organization. The grants helped four participates to purchase small supplies and house hold items, such as pots and pans, to start small family owned stores run out of their homes.  These neighborhood shops supply neighborhoods with basic household good and small appliances such as kitchenware and other needs.  Three widows received sewing equipment and other necessary equipment and materials to run a small sewing shop from their homes as a result of these small grants.

Selected Photos:

Success story-Nadia & Hawraa

Success story-Awatif Muhsin (2)

Success story-Awatif Muhsin





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