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Success Story: IF EWIT Widows visit Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR)

May 3, 2011

IF is pleased to report the successful meeting of Iraqi widows key politicans from Iraq's governming body, the Council of Representatives on May 3, 2011. EIWT widows met with the following MPs: Mr. Bahaa Al Araaji, a member at the integrity committee; Dr. Asmaa Al Mosawi, member of the women committee; Ms. Zainab Al Sahlani, member of the legal committee; Dr. Saleem Al Jiboury, head of the human rights committee; and Ms. Intisar Al Jiboury, head of the women committee and the head of the speaker office.

During the meeting, the widows stressed their rights and expressed their desire for legislations that would increase their benefits. COR members assured the widows that there are three laws on the table of the parliament that the widow will benefit from. IF views this interaction as a significant success and demonstration of Iraqi widow's emerging civic engagement!


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