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May 2008 - May 2010


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Empowering Iraqi Widows to Thrive (EIWT) Project

Update for January 2013

IF awarded 25 mini-grants to selected widows to launch their micro businesses in Baghdad, Maysan and Basra.

Dr. Sadoon Chithir, Marketing experts, and Baghdad University helped 50 widows looking for income generating opportunities as part of the project activities, to craft sustainability strategies that enabled them to access loans and support their businesses’ long-term success.

IF is also pleased to report that IF EIWT staff and partner NGOs connected 3 more widows with small grants and several other resources,  which provided them with the means to generate income and thus become economically self-sufficient. Widows used these grants to establish small businesses based out of their homes, aimed at providing services for their community. They join 206 other widows from previous EIWT cycles who also benefited from EIWT’s vocational and entrepreneurial training.

IF in collaboration with Women for supporting Women Association (WSW) in Baghdad followed up with EIWT widow Madina Hussien, who started a housekeeping job at Sama Al Khaleej.  She is making ID 400,000 ($340)/month.

Madina Jasim, EIWT widow, started a housekeeping job in a private company

Dr. Saadon Chithir, Marketing expert, meeting with EIWT widows in Basra


IF grantees - EIWT project- Maysan






Dr. Saadon Chithir, marketing expert, meeting EIWT widows in Maysan





Last Update: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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