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December 2012: Interviews Conducted with Women Affected by Violence, Case Management Training Held

This month, IF’s NGO partners conducted and document interviews in 5 selected provinces with women affected by political and gender-based violence: IDPs, widows, orphaned girls, wives of former combatants, and women who have suffered from gender-based abuse. The purpose of the interviews was to bring to the foreground the hardship that conflict, a weak rule of law and exclusion have inflicted on women and their families, and understand their needs and the measures necessary to integrate them and their families into society. IF will prepare a case studies report based on the stories of these women.

IF held the case management training was conducted for Partner NGOs on December 5 in Baghdad. Ms. Shahrazad Abbas Alabdali from Women Empowerment NGO in Erbil led the training. One representative from each NGO ( the interviewers) learnt the techniques on how to conduct an interview with GBV women, and how to manage their case files.  

Photos of Interviews:

Hawaa NGO_ Diyala interviews 1 with victimized women

Hawaa NGO_ Diyala interviews 2

Women for Progress NGO_Baghdad 1

Women for Progress NGO_Baghdad 2                                                                                                    

Bint Alrafidayn NGO_Babil 1

Bint Alrafidayn NGO_Babil 2

Photos of Case Management Training:

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