Peaceful Empowerment, Advocacy and Cooperation to End violence (PEACE)

March 2013: Women caucuses’ meetings

In March, IF and its NGO partners held meetings with women leaders to present case studies reports about victimized women, to promote peace and combat violence against women.  The women leaders included leaders of NGOs, businesses, and local state institutions.  IF used the draft report as well as UNSC Resolution 1325 as the frame of reference for the discussions.

Furthermore, three women caucuses meetings were concluded in Baghdad, Diyala and Babil. Each meeting included six women leaders, and four women victims of violence. The victimized women were part of the case studies report statistics.

The meetings discussed problems confronting women and families, the unaddressed needs of women affected by violence, and the ways by which women leaders can contribute to ending violence and preventing conflict. Survivors have thus been included as active contributors to the coalition platform.

Diyala Meeting:

Babil Meeting:

Baghdad Meeting:


Last Update: Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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