Peaceful Empowerment, Advocacy and Cooperation to End violence (PEACE)

Awarded: September 2012
Scheduled completion: October 2014

The Iraq Foundation was awarded a grant from the US Department of State Secretary's Office of Global Women's Issues to implement a 24 month project for Iraq, which seeks to establish a National Task Force in Iraq on the Elimination of Gender Based Violence (GBV) , provide a national platform for women and male leaders and community-based organizations that are advancing successful efforts to eliminate violence against women and other forms of gender based violence.

The goal of Peaceful Empowerment, Advocacy and Cooperation to End violence (PEACE) is to promote peace and end violence through supporting a women-led advocacy and action coalition.  

PEACE uses a local-to-national approach and relies on data collection and documentation. Through this project, local women will acquire greater confidence to lead on national issues; awareness raising through the media will sensitize society and decision-makers to the impact of violence on women and the needs of these women; lawyers will acquire skills to counsel with victims of GBV; hundreds of women will receive legal counseling; active advocacy will place the participation of women at the center of peace initiatives in the country; partnerships between NGO and community members forged during the project will continue after its conclusion and serve to increase the coordination capacity of local stakeholders in combating violence.

The project has three objectives:

Objective 1: Building coalitions for women's participation from the local to the national level

Objective 2: Protection of women affected by violence

Objective 3: Advocacy for participation and gender responsive policies

Last Update: Monday, May 5, 2014

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