Widows Initiative for Economic Sustainability (WIES)

February 2013 Activities

Meetings were held between economic development experts (EDEs), WIES beneficiaries, and WIES partner NGOs in Maysan, Nineveh, Baghdad, and Diyala. The EDEs continued to learn about the beneficiaries’ skills, and how they can be utilized in the job market. As a result, 112 women beneficiary interviews were completed in each province for a total of 560 interviews.

Furthermore, February 10, IF WIES coordinator met up with the head of IF’s partner NGO at IF’s Baghdad office to be updated about the NGO’s visits with institutions and potential employers that could provide loans and jobs to WIES beneficiaries. Outreach meetings were also held on February 11 between the IF team and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA), to follow up on previous discussions related to training opportunities for WIES project beneficiaries.

On February 19, WIES project coordinator visited Ashoor Bank, where she came into an agreement with them to help women beneficiaries get loans with decreased interest rates. The regular rate is usually 11%, but the bank agreed to lower it to 5% for WIES beneficiaries.

Selected Photos:

Februrary 2nd 2013: EDE meeting with women beneficiaries in Maysan

February 3, 2013: EDE Dr. Emad Alani meeting with WIES beneficiaries in Mosul

IF WIES coordinator’s meeting in Baghdad with IF’s Partner NGO

February 11 IF outreach meeting with MOLSA

Dr. Emad Alani meeting with WIES beneficiaries at Hawaa’s office in Diyla

WIES Project Coordinator's visit to Ashoor Bank

WIES Project Coordinator with EDE Faeq Aldabbas at IF's Office in Baghdad

Meeting between women beneficiaries, and EDEs in IF's Partner NGO's offices




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