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Interfaith Cooperation Project Video Documentary

Erbil Training
June 25 to July 8 2011

During the month of June IF, in partnership with Al-Sumaria TV station, started the first training on the art of film-making and on Iraq’s long history as a religiously diverse community. The training is going very smoothly and the young participants are showing eagerness to learn and deliver. The trainers are very engaged and engaging and are covering both the technical aspect of documentary-making and the importance of Iraq’s diverse religious heritage. IF was very pleased to hear stories or inter-religious cooperation and it was very moving to observe that even during their first interaction, participating students from different religious faiths started mingling and building friendly relations.

Quote from the ICP project Facebook page:

“Diversity is the first step towards developmentā€¦ If we don’t recognize each other and respect each otherā€¦ we won’t be able to overcome our underdevelopment and achieve big things. We have to capitalize on our (religious) diversity and make it a “positive” diversity as it will be a drive towards achieving growth and progression.”

June 25 to July 8 2011


Training participants on documentary filming

ICP participants in training session.


ICP participants practice documentary filming with the trainer.


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Participants practicing documentary filming in a religious site


Video by Al-Sumaria TV:



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