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PAG Project Meetings and Radio Talk Shows January 2011

Basra Province:
Radio talk show on 01/04/2011 with Basra provincial council

member, Head of the Education Committee in Basra PC, Mr. Ganim

Abid Al-Ameer.



Basra IMG visit to Basra PC on 01/02/2011 and meeting with Basra

PC member, Mr. Walled Abbas





Thi-Qar Province:

Implementation of Agenda for Change activities for the month of January 2011 in Thi-Qar province (hold anti-corruption workshops for government officials). Below are photos of anti-corruption workshop for the Municipal directorate of Thi-Qar in 01/02/2011



























Radio talk show with Officials from Thi-Qar province department of education and a Provincial council Member on 01/06/2011        


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