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IF Holds Press Conference: April 26, 2012

PAG Project Update: March - April 2012

Town-Hall Meetings- Schedule: March and April 2012

PAG Project Update: January - February 2012

IF Supports Youth-Led Anti-Corruption Efforts in the Provinces: January - April 2012

PAG Meeting Schedule and Photos: February 2012

Town-Hall Meetings- Schedule and Photos: February 2012

PAG Monthly Radio Talk Show Program Schedule:
Updated to February 2012

PAG Meeting Schedule and Photos: January 2012

IF holds 30 Educational Trainings for Youth in 15 Provinces: December 2011

PAG Meeting Schedule and Photos: December 2011

Town Hall Meetings - Schedule and Photos: November - December 2011

IF Holds TOT Workshop on Iraqi National Anti-Corruption Strategy:
November 2011

IF Holds National Networking Meeting in Erbil: November 2011

Schedule of IMG Consultation Meetings with Provincial Council:
November 2011

Schedule of IMG Consultation Meetings with Provincial Council:
October 2011

Town Hall Meetings - Schedule and Photos: July - September 2011

Photos from Radio / TV Program:
July 2011

Radio/ TV Talkshow Programs Al-Samawa TV: July 2011

Town Hall Meeting Schedule: May and June 2011

Photos from the Town Hall Meeting in Samawa (Al Muthanna province):
June 2011

PAG Monthly Radio Talk Show Program Schedule:October -June 2011

Photos from Radio Talk Show in Samawa: June 13, 2011

Photos from Town Hall Meeting in Baghdad: May 2011

IMG Organizes an Exhibition in Ninawa Province: May 2011

IMG Organizes Bike Tour in Basra: May 2011

IMG Meets with Iraqi Council of Representatives (COR): April 2011

PAG Anti-Corruption TV Spots Monitoring Form / Survey
Karbala Province: March 2011

Baghdad, Wasit, Dhi-Qar, and Maysan Survey Forms (Arabic)

PAG Project Meetings and Radio Talk Shows: March 2011

PAG Integrity Monitoring Group Meetings: January - March, 2011

PAG IMG Meetings with Provincial Council: February - March, 2011

Civil Society Leaders Regional Coalition Building Meetings: February - March, 2011

IMG Town Hall Meetings: January and February, 2011

PAG Project Update: January 2011

PAG Media Spot on Corruption: November 2010

PAG Project Update: November 2010

IMGs Hold Town Hall Meetings in Provinces throughout Iraq: October 2010

IMGs Town Hall Meetings Press Clippings and Media: October 2010

Integrity Monitoring Groups Hold Monthly Radio Talk Show Programs in the provinces: August - November 2010

Approved Agendas for Change: September 23, 2010

Integrity Monitoring Group Meetings thoughout Iraq: September 2010

Integrity Monitoring Groups Promote Transparency and Fight Corruption throughout Iraq: August 2010

IF Selects Integrity Monitoring Groups in the Provinces: July 2010

Distribution of Code of Conduct Posters and Brochures: April - June, 2010

PAG Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshops, Beirut: May - June 2010

PAG Provincial Council and Government Officials Workshops: March - April 2010

PAG Civic Leaders Workshops: March - April 2010

IF holds Workshop with the Iraqi Commission on Integrity on Codes of Conduct: December 24, 2009

IF delivers computer equipment to Iraqi Commission on Integrity (COI): November 2009

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ACT I and II

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Provincial Accountability and Governance (PAG) Project

Project Active:

October 2009 - September 2011 *Project extension awarded until April 30, 2012!

The Iraq Foundation was awarded a grant from the US Department of State's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) to implement a project to promote good governance, improve provincial government accountability and transparency, increase capacity of Iraq's anti-corruption institutions at the provincial level, and strengthen civil society organizations' capacity to conduct oversight activities. 

The goal of the project is to bring about change in knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding ethical provincial administration, and to instill a new culture of transparency, accountability, and good governance. Through educating, monitoring, and building alliances between provincial officials and local civic leaders, Iraq Foundation will chart a course for change toward more responsive, more accountable government in Iraq.

IF will implement the project in 15 provinces to achieve the following objectives:

Objective (1) increase capacity to implement Iraqi anti-corruption measures at the provincial level. With the Commission on Integrity, IF will hold workshops to educate civic leaders on Iraq’s legal framework to combat corruption, and will educate public officials on codes of conduct and compliance laws. IF will also print posters and pamphlets to be displayed in all provincial offices and public venues.

Objective (2) promote government accountability and transparency by strengthening civic and official capacity to conduct oversight monitoring. In collaboration with the Lebanese Transparency Association, IF will provide Training of Trainer (TOT) on international anti-corruption indicators and monitoring methodologies for civic leaders and government officials. The TOT will culminate in the development of an indicator-based Agenda for Change that will act as a road map for monitoring accountability and transparency with recommendations for achieving progress in the provinces.

Objective (3), IF will nurture the formation of province-based Integrity Monitoring Groups that will implement newly acquired oversight monitoring skills by tracking progress against the Agenda for Change. Monitoring groups will increase access to officials through radio talk shows and town hall meetings, and will produce periodic reports and recommendations based on the Agenda for Change. A national television campaign will spotlight the impact of corruption on the welfare of citizens and the country at large.

IF will promote coalition-building and networking among the province-based Monitoring Groups. A final report on progress and recommendations, based on reports by the Monitoring Groups, will be presented at a national press conference in Baghdad.

The results of the project will be to empower civic groups in the provinces to hold provincial governments accountable by monitoring, engaging with, and reporting on the workings of the government according to internationally recognized standards of good governance, and thereby motivating provincial institutions to adopt more ethical, responsive and accountable practices.

Links to previous anti-corruption projects:

ACT I and II

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