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3rd Training Workshop for Civic Leaders on Monitoring and Reporting on the Iraqi Government's Protection of Civil and Political Liberties.

Erbil, Iraq
January 20 - 22, 2012

IF successfully completed the 3nd PEDP civic leaders workshop in Erbil from January 20 - 22. 17 civic leaders participated in the workshop aimed at discussing the 2nd draft of a report on the Iraqi Government's Ability to Safeguard Civil Liberties. During the workshop, participants also evaluated the outcomes of the first report, and developed a strategy to promote the outcomes of the second report. The training was held in partnership with Freedom House and was facilitated by Mr. Marwan Maalouf and Ms. Courtney Radsch.

While the trainers provided important feedback on the drafts, the participants were also able to provide critical reviews of their own work through peer reviewing the report’s drafts across groups and actively participating in the discussions. Freedom House’s trainers provided a thorough review of the draft reports that were prepared by the civic leaders and provided recommendations and writing strategies to maximize reader insight and minimize reader effort.

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