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IF holds Meeting for Civil Society Leaders in Baghdad

October 2011

On October 29 2011, IF held the 9th civic leaders’ meeting at the Ashtar Sheraton hotel in Baghdad. IF’s Executive Director Ms. Rend Al-Rahim, as well as 19 civic leaders attended the meeting. Participants discussed the methodology for the second Democratization in Iraq report scheduled to be published in March 2012 and for which Freedom House is providing ongoing mentoring. A fourth topic covering “Freedom of Assembly and Peaceful Demonstration” will be added to the second report which will include:

1.         Freedom of the media
2.         Political parties
3.         Council of Representatives
4.         Freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration. 

Prior to this meeting, IF has held 8 other meetings on the following dates:

Meeting 1: 6/ 12/ 2010. All CSL meeting.
Meeting 2: 6/ 17/ 2010. Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 3: 7/ 5/ 2010.  Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 4: 8/ 10/ 2010.  Coordinators meeting.
Meeting 5: 9/ 23/ 2010.  Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting.
Meeting 6: 10/ 25/ 2010: Coordinators and rapporteurs meeting.
Meeting 7: 2/3/ 2011: Strategies for Writing Shadow Report
Meeting 8: 11/29/2011:Follow-on Report Writing

Selected Photos:

9th meeting on October 29, 2011 in Ishtar Sheraton Hotel- Auruk Hall























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