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Assisting Iraqi Women Parliamentarians



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IF Holds 2nd Peer Networking  Meeting for Newly Elected Iraqi Women Parliamentarians

Baghdad, Iraq
November 9, 2010



On November 9th, IF held the second Peer Networking Meeting with the Iraqi Women Parliamentarians (IWPs). The meeting took place at the Constitutional Hall in the Iraqi Council of Representatives (CoR) in Baghdad and was attended by several new IWPs as well as former Parliamentarians Mr. Fouad Rawanduzi and Mr. Hamid Majeed. During the meeting, participants discussed monitoring mechanisms in CoR committees according to the CoR bylaws and suggestions for improving the CoR bylaws.  IF's Executive Director Ms. Rend Al-Rahim.  As a result of this activity, several IWPs proposed new CoR bylaws in the Iraqi legislator. 



IWPs-2nd per network meeting – Nov. 9 – 2010.

Ms. Rend Al-Raheem and Dr. Amira Al-Baldawi (Opening session of the IWPs 2nd per network meeting


Dr. Mua’taz Al-Abbassi  (Consultant for the State Minister for the CoR issues (guest in the meeting)


Ms. Amal Al-Khadi (former PM) speaking during the session



Mr. Firyad Rawandouzi – PM (Guest): talking about the monitoring mechanisms of the Security and Defense Committee









Ms. Samira Al-Musawi – PM presenting her speech during the meeting.



Photo on the right: Discussions and exchanging questions and answers during the session.

Photo on the left:  Dr. Rehab Ni’ma PM presenting her speech about bylaw of the CoR.


Mr. Hameed Majeed – PM (Guest): talking about the relationship between the constitution and the CoR.



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