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Iraqi Women Parliamentarian (IWP) Meeting

Baghdad, Iraq
IWPs 9th Peer Networking Meeting Held at the Al Rasheed Hotel on July 16, 2012

On July 16, the Iraq Foundation held the 9th Peer Network Meeting (PNM) for the Incoming Women Parliamentarians (IWPs) in Al Rasheed Hotel-Baghdad.  The meeting was headed by Ms. Rend Al-Rahim, Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation, and 5 of IF Staff. 22 Iraqi Women MPs attended the meeting. 

The IWPs-9th PNM discussed the details and goals of the proposed Cross-Regional Network that was recommended for establishment during the Regional Meeting for Women Parliamentarians from the MENA Region in June 9 to 11.

The participants discussed 4 following topics:

1- Goals of establishing the Cross-Regional Network for Women in the MENA Region

2- The Organizational Structure of the Cross-Regional Network

3- Membership in the Network

4- The sustainability mechanism of the Network

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