Small Grants Activities & Photos

April 2012

Multi-Sectarian Guidance Programs (Dahouk): Aimed at promoting conflict resolution in a peaceful way through holding various related events. Activities include seminars, open discussions and poetry gatherings. On April 3, the project of Session 7 was held in the Youth Cultural Center in Sharya Compound.  The topic of the session was: life goals. The lecturer, Mr. Adham Ismael, Professor in the Psychology Dep.-Dahouk University, talked about the life cycle of the human being and how to control emotional reactions, such as anger.  The lecturer emphasized building up social relations with others and the notions of citizenship and responsibility to society without discrimination on bases of ethnicity or religion. He also discussed the need to spread peace education and coexistence, pluralism, and diversity in Iraq as well as on how to build up relationships between people of multiple origins and religions, strengthening coexistence principles.   

On April 18, as part of the Multi-Sectarian Guidance Programs in Dahouk, 8th and final session in the Cultural Center in Sharya Compound was implemented. The session topic was, the role of religious teachers in spreading a culture of diversity.  Ms. Nisreen Fatah Bebu, the SG-Project Manager, acted as the lecturer. She provided a background of the Iraq Foundation (IF), funder of small grants program, and talked about IF's role in strengthening democracy, peace, volunteering, and how to find solutions to Iraq's biggest problems.  Then a lecture was presented by Mr. Khider Kalo Ali on the important role that specialized religious teachers play in spreading peace, diversity, coexistence in Iraq at this stage.  Books on international principles of diversity were distributed to the audience, which included Muslims, Christians, and Ezidis.  All agreed on the following points: There is a need to: 1- Separate religion from politics, 2- Use religious speech to focus on peaceful coexistence, 3- Make efforts to change school curricula in a way that helps creating suitable environment for religious coexistence and especially in regards to religious curriculum, and 4- Participate in spreading the culture of accepting each other on bases of cultural and religious diversity.

The Soccer Tournament for Amity and Friendship (Baghdad): Aimed at promoting a sense of national belonging and fighting sectarianism through holding soccer tournaments. Activities include 10 tournaments between 6 teams composed of young Iraqis from different religious backgrounds.  On April 1, the project conducted the final football match in Al-Obaidi area/ Baghdad, between, Iraq Al-Mustakbal (Iraq’s Future) Team and Iraq Al-Jamee’a (Iraq for all) Team.  The Iraq Future team won.  During the break between 1st and 2nd match, both teams’ members who are from different religious sects talked to each other, exchanged e-mails, cell phone numbers, and invited each other to exchange visits in their neighborhoods.  The match was very friendly, surrounded with unity, peace, and respect among the team’s players.  At the end of the match, both teams received medals and the winning team got a trophy. Team members asked for more such matches as they strengthen respect for diversity of religions, and sects, tolerance, and focus on national and humanitarian common issues.      

Clean environment in the schools (Duhok): Aimed at promoting interfaith cooperation between school children through raising awareness about a clean and green environment, planting trees and shrubs with the students, offering cleaning supplies to the schools, and hanging posters about clean and green environment in the schools:  Between March 25 to April 1, 2012:  the project team initiated a 2 day preparation period prior to the implementation of the Environmental Conservation Project in Sarhaldan City, Dahuk Province among 5 schools, that included: created and printed promotional posters, purchased cleaning supplies, purchased and distributed seedlings.  The hygiene awareness campaign lasted for 7 days and involved the following schools: 1- Kazi Elementary School, 2- Baland Elementary School, 3- Beho-Roush School, 4- Zouzk School, 5- Badlisi School.

Between April 3 and 7: Mr. Salah, grantee, continued his campaign of Hygiene Awareness and School Preservation among the following elementary schools in Dahouk Province: 1- Ourhi School located in Sarhaldan City, 2- Dirouk School located in Nourouz City, 3- Jihan School located in Karabasi, 4- Kara School located in Kahuli City. 

Stage 3 (4/8/2012-4/16/2012): Mr. Salah, grantee, continued his campaign of Hygiene Awareness and School Preservation among the following elementary schools in Dahouk Province: Ribar School located in Sarhaldan City, Sharsitan School located in Nourouz City, Mitan School located in Zakrous, Sikarka School located in Hasikarka City, and Hindarin School located in Hasikarka City.

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