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Small Grants Activities & Photos

Small Grants – PEDP, January 2013

On January 25, 2013, the Iraq Foundation (IF) held a drawing exhibition in the yard of the Baghdad Provincial Council’s “Cultural Forum Building”, located in the famous Al-Mutanabi Street. The 18 portraits were a product of Al-Rafidain Colors Art Gallery, part of the Small Grants Projects of PEDP.
The topics of these portraits aimed at raising national awareness, highlighting national identity regardless of affiliations, and creating a spirit of communication among university student, while emphasizing group work among painters.

Many people visited the exhibition that took place from 08:30AM to 01:00PM.  The event was covered by multiple television channels including Al-Iraqia, Al-Rasheed, Al-Masar-1, and Al-Najaf TV.  They conducted interviews with multiple IF-Staff and visitors.  Artist Mr. Jamal Al-Tayeb, interviewed by two channels stated:” This is a very distinguished art exhibition because it addresses people in a simple and expressive art language”.

Also in January, IF broadcasted a short video on the theme of overcoming sectarianism on Al-Iraqia Satellite Channel. “Al-Khaima” (The Tent) by Mr. Ali Al-Ka’bi from Al-Muthana province and student participant in IF’s Interfaith Cooperation Project produced the video as part of a competition on peaceful coexistence.

Al-Khaima video:

Selected Pictures:

Art Exhibition



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