Roundtable Meeting with Iraqi Ministries




To discuss the problems of families and women in liberated areas, on October 30th IF held a roundtable meeting in Baghdad with the Directorate for Women’s Empowerment in the Council of Ministers, and trained Women Leaders from Nenawa, Salaheddine and Anbar. The meeting was attended by senior representatives from several ministries, including the Ministries of Interior, Education, Defense and Health, as well as representatives from IF and the field teams from the 3 provinces.

Women Leaders requested:

  • Officials to conduct visits to the liberated provinces to identify the conditions of citizens and provide them with psychological and moral support after liberation from Da’esh.
  • Opening of offices to issue citizenship certificates in areas such as Qayyara to eliminate long distance travel to Mosul.
  • Opening of additional vocational training centers to eliminate financial burden of long distance travel to major cities.
  • Ministry of Interior to instruct police departments to start courses for women to learn self-defense to protect themselves and their families in the event of an emergency.
  • Greater support for healthcare and the provision of vaccines for children. Authorities were requested to address the issue of bad vaccines in health centers and work seriously to combat the diseases prevalent in camps, especially scabies and lice.
  • Follow up on the Social Welfare and Protection Law for widows and divorcees to provide psychological and moral support to them.

Representatives of the ministries outlined steps they would take to report these findings to their superiors and follow up with both the Women Leaders and IF. Ministry officials provided the women with hotline telephone numbers, personal lines, and contacts for communication with provincial councils. Some expressed the need for better communication between women and professional centers and the need to establish new centers in hard to reach areas.


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