Screenings and Q&A Sessions with ICP Participants: December – January 2012


From December 17-19, IF organized screenings with an audience drawn from students from local universities from the Babil, Kirkuk, Diyala and Baghdad governorates. IF invited members of the participating teams to take part in the broadcast sessions. These Q&A sessions will be integrated in the hour-long TV program that will be broadcast on Alsumaria. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting TV program expolring Iraqi’s heritage, celebrating the multiplicity of unique backgrounds that create the modern Iraq.

ICP teams continued screening their documentaries during this period throughout Iraq’s provinces. The screenings highlight the ancient Assyrian heritage of many Iraqi minorities.

After the film screening, the filmmaking team discussed their experiences researching and documenting the sites as well as their cooperative efforts.

In addition, IF is currently helping finalist documentary producers enter international film festivals.

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Selected Photos:

Q&A Sessions:

Q & A Sessions – ICP in December 2011


ICP screenings:

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