Strengthening Women’s Political Participation in Iraq (2021 Report and Policy Brief)



With Support from the United Nations Mission to Iraq (UNAMI), and technical assistance from the Economic and Social Council for West Asia (ESCWA), the Iraq Foundation successfully completed Phase One and Phase Two of its project “Strengthening Women’s Political Participation in Iraq”. IF is pleased to release two publications from this project. The first, “Women Running for Elected Office in Iraq: Needs and Challenges”, is a needs-assessment study based on extensive interviews with current and former women MPs, provincial council members, and candidates, as well as women’s organizations, civil society actors, and focus groups. The interviews were accompanied by a review of the legislative foundations for women’s participation in Iraq’s elected bodies. The second report, “Promoting Women’s Political Participation in Iraq”, is a policy brief that takes a holistic approach to women’s political participation, examining the constitutional, political, legislative, economic, and cultural factors that impede women’s full participation in public life, and provides policy recommendations to the Iraqi government and parliament, political parties, local and international organizations, and the media. The Iraq Foundation wishes to thank the following: Dr. Soumaya Ibrahim for her authorship of needs-assessment study; Ms. Manar Zaiter for her authorship of the policy brief; UNAMI, for their consistent support of the project and review of the reports; and ESCWA for providing technical and editorial assistance.

Please find the links to the two publications below:

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