Success Stories from Al Rasid Project


Thanks to IF’s small grants competition featured in Al Rasid (the Monitor) project, these beneficiaries are now able to generate a monthly income with skills they obtained through livelihood training classes. This initiative is just one part of Al Rasid’s efforts to address GBV and boost the understanding of the role women play as peace builders and the positive role of men in ending conflict. Through support for the National Action Plan and National Strategy for UNSCR 1325, Iraq hopes to eliminate the legal, social, and economic challenges faced by women. The small grants program targeted hundreds of beneficiaries throughout Iraqi society as a whole, with an emphasis on women displaced as a result of conflict, and those who are victims of violence.

These four beneficiaries were hired as chefs in a bakery and frozen food shop in Mar Elias Church after successfully completing their baking and cooking training provided by the Association of Women and Children Rights. The training was done in coordination with the Provincial Task Force with support from the Iraq Foundation’s Al Rasid project. The beneficiaries now receive a monthly salary of $300.

They all expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the work, as one of the women said, “we were previously looking for jobs to support our families, as we are all displaced and in dire need of a source of income, thus we decided to enroll in baking and cooking class, and with the help and coordination of the association president…we were accepted and hired as chefs. Currently, we are so happy with this job.”

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This beneficiary completed barber classes and opened a barber booth for men’s haircuts and shaving. He said about opening the booth: “I came up with idea after completing the class, with encouragement from the complex’s manager who gave me some metal which was left at the complex to build my booth, and since I worked in metalwork before, I built my booth and started working there from 4:00-8:00 pm, after returning from my work. I charge 1,000 dinars per person, and make between 5,000 to 8,000 dinars a day, I am very pleased with this work, and I think I’m offering services at a subsidized price to the residents of the complex as well as making financial income.”

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After completing the first aid classes, trainers conducted a test for all the participants and gave the outstanding participants first aid bags provided by the Red Cross. These outstanding beneficiaries are now qualified to do the procedures of first aid, including injecting needles to patients, measuring blood pressure and providing any urgent treatments. All of the beneficiaries are currently working in their compounds.

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