TABEIR Third Periodic Meeting


IF conducted its third periodical meeting for TABEIR at its headquarters in Baghdad on Monday, September 15th. IF President Rend Al-Raheem headed this meeting of 7 project managers representing the provinces of Baghdad, Babil, Missan, Basrah, Diyala, and Kut. Together, they reviewed the implementation of an in-country training by partner NGOs, and reviewed the difficulties in implementing project work plans. This resulted in a series of recommendations to overcome future challenges and suggestions for further topics for coming trainings.

ICT exert Hassan Qasim also provided training on the use of the TABEIR website and database. In addition, he explained the procedure for uploading secure reports to the website. Finally, participants focused on improving the participation of the project’s trainees and partner NGOs in reporting violations using the material to be included in the periodic reports issued by IF.







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